Home Buyer Education

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H.O.M.E. DuPage offers first time homebuyers an intensive 8-hour “how to” class for people who are market-ready, specializing in the knowledge you will need to purchase your first home. 

Our certified counselors and local professionals will teach you;

·         how much you can afford:
1.      Credit Score Requirements
2.      Mortgage/Closing Costs
·         how to get down payment assistance (if you qualify) through:
1.      DuPage Homestead Program
2.      DuPage Habitat for Humanity Program
3.      Downpayment Plus  Program
4.      Illinois Housing Development Authority Programs 
·         how lenders evaluate eligibility
·         how to read sample documents
·         how to chose a lender that will work for you
·         how to choose a realtor who will work with you
·         how to read and understand a sample residential contract
·         how to shop for the home that’s right for you and in your budget
·         how to shop for insurance that will fit your needs
·         how to shop for a home inspector
·         what to look for in a home inspection
·         how to work with an attorney:
1.      finalize the closing
2.      protect your home and family
·         Fair Housing Rights, what is prohibited under the Fair Housing Act
·         how to care for your home once you achieve your dream 


Sign up today for one of our Home Buyer Education workshops.

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H.O.M.E. DuPage wants to make your dreams of owning your own home come true! Register for a class today to take your first steps toward home ownership.

After attending the Homebuyer Education class and turning in your application and associated documents, H.O.M.E. DuPage offers you FREE extensive individualized counseling with one of our certified housing counselors. Upon completion of the workshop and an individualized counseling session with a H.O.M.E. DuPage Housing Counselor, clients will receive a certificate of completion, which may be required by lenders.The individualized session includes a comprehensive credit review which will not affect your credit score ($20 charge for a merged credit report from 3 agencies) with tips on:

>  Resolving credit obstacles and improving your score with regular meetings to keep you on track

>  Providing you with a family spending plan and lender comparison checklist

>  Providing the latest information on mortgage programs available to you

>  Working with you to compare and contrast the various mortgage options

>  Providing referrals to lenders and realtors who fit your needs