H.O.M.E. DuPage Programs

H.O.M.E. Dupage is a HUD-approved, nationally recognized organization that provides comprehensive, award-winning financial literacy education and counseling services.

H.OM.E. empowers families and individuals to become financially literate and successful homeowners through every stage of life. We offer a variety of programs to help individuals and families with home and financial related assistance and education.

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Gateway to Homeownership Orientation

Gateway Orientation is a 2.5 hour introductory class for potential buyers who are just getting started on their home buying journey. Counselors will explain the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home and explain in detail the down payment grants available in DuPage County. A local lender will share his expertise and tips on finding the right mortgage.

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Homebuyer Education Workshop

Homebuyer education is a class that helps individuals and families prepare for the details of the home buying process. Local lenders, realtors, insurance agents, attorneys and home inspectors share their expertise and tips. Participants receive a certificate and gain access to homebuyer down payment assistance programs, grants and other resources. Upon completion of the workshop and a one on one counseling session with a H.O.M.E. DuPage Housing Counselor, clients will receive a certificate of completion, which may be required by lenders.

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Financial Fitness Workshops

The Financial Fitness Program teaches the basics of money management. This program offers a series of financial workshops that teach budgeting, the importance of credit and establishing a banking relationship, understanding student loans and developing a financial life plan. All services provided through this program are free of charge. Once a client completes a workshop, they are eligible for one on one financial coaching.

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Foreclosure Prevention Workshops

H.O.M.E. DuPage, Inc., presents free foreclosure workshops in both English and Spanish. We offer a morning and evening class in English and an evening Spanish class. If you cannot attend, or if your court date is quickly approaching, please contact H.O.M.E. and we will refer you to a housing counselor.

Preserving Homeownership Orientation 01/23/19

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling provides clients with one-on-one counseling and assistance with loan modification requests, forbearance and other workout options. This greatly increases the likelihood that foreclosure will be prevented.

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HOPE for Seniors - Reverse Mortage Counseling

HOPE for Seniors Reverse Mortgage Counseling empowers seniors to evaluate their options to better manage assets and maintain their homes and independence. Options can include a reverse mortgage to access home equity and/or increase income.

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