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Gateway to Homeownership Orientation

Homebuyer Education 02/09/19

H.O.M.E. DuPage offers a 2 ½ hour introductory class for potential buyers who are just getting started on their home buying journey. Counselors will go over the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home so you can decide if homeownership is right for you.

Using true-to-life scenarios, counselors show you how much home you can afford with your personal spending plan. Debt-to-Income Ratios are explained and the monthly mortgage payment is broken down into understandable language. Counselors break down the credit score and how it effects your home buying potential and what we can do to help you meet the minimum requirement. A local lender will speak to all the finances of purchasing a home, including down payments, closing costs and fees, escrow for taxes and insurance.

NOTE: This class will NOT provide a Homebuyer Education Certificate. If you need one or were referred by a lender, please contact us directly at 630-260-2500. 


Counselors will provide an overview of our down payment assistance programs to see if you can take advantage and layer financing packages using private and government funds to boost your buying power.

  • DuPage Habitat for Humanity Program
  • Downpayment Plus Program
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority Programs


Sign up today for one of our Gateway to Homeownership Orientations workshops.

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Gateway attendees will also learn about our free award-winning one-on-one financial counseling. After attending the Gateway Orientation and filling out the application complete with all requested documents, clients are given individualized counseling, tailored to your situation. Your counselor will show you how to fix your credit score and which assistance programs will benefit you and help you create a step-by-step action plan for homeownership.

Because of our close relationships with lenders, we can provide up-to-date information on mortgage programs as soon as they are available, compare and contrast various mortgage product options, and provide referrals to reputable lenders and realtors when your action plan is complete and you are ready to buy!