H.O.M.E. DuPage Community Builder Society

When you invest in H.O.M.E. DuPage, you are investing in the future of our community.

Legacy Member—$5000 Annual Pledge for 5 Years

A generous gift at this level could assist an average of 4 families each year who are at risk of foreclosure. Sudden, unexpected tragedies can be devastating to the financial future of homeowners. Loraine and Jim had laid plans for their retirement, until the unthinkable happened….click to the story attached, pdf


Founder Member—$2,500 Annual Pledge for 5 Years

Your support at this level could assist one family a year through the entire Pre-Purchase process. There can be many barriers to homeownership, especially for single parents who have weathered difficult financial hardships. Cindy, a single mom to 2 teenage girls, had suffered devastating financial consequences in her first marriage and never dreamed of owning a home. Click here to see Cindy’s story. Clip from video



Cornerstone Member$1,000 Annual Pledge for 5 Years

With a generous gift of $1,000, each year you will open many doors for clients like Angela. She came to us financially broken and in significant debt, after years of financial abuse by her parents. Forced to declare bankruptcy, she had a long road ahead. Click here to see Angela’s story. Clip from video


Pillar Member—$500 Annual Pledge for 5 Years

Annually a gift of this level can provide a senior household reverse mortgage education, one-on-one counseling and financial assessment sessions with our specialized counselors. Click here for a moving story of one couple who had to prepare for the inevitable. See attached word document.

Opening Doors & Making Dreams Possible

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